Bedtime Explorers Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Bedtime Explorers is a Kinderling Kids Radio meditation series hosted by mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.

With over 10 million downloads and counting, each meditation is designed to calm and settle children before bedtime, ensuring they are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for a full night’s sleep. Along the way, they also learn important mindfulness skills, helping them manage big and difficult emotions like anxiety, frustration, anger or worry.

And did we mention that grown-ups get a lot of benefit from listening too?

Bedtime Explorers host, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, is a successful author, producer, speaker and mother to three young children. After working at the ABC for more than a decade she is now the founder and editor of the online magazine for mamas, Happy Mama and the host of the The Happy Movement  podcast. Amy also runs online programs for mothers all over the world and is the best-selling author of Happy Mama: the guide to finding yourself again and Mama Rising. 

Host: Amy-Taylor Kabbaz
Executive Producer: Lorna Clarkson
Music Season 1 & 2: Gentleforce
Editing and Sound Design: Max Gosford