Bedtime Explorers Seasons

  • *NEW Underwater Wonderland

    Bedtime Explorers ‘Underwater Wonderland’ is here!! Mindfulness coach, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, invites little explorers to dive underwater to discover the wonderful secrets of the ocean and meet the magical creatures that live there – like a magical mermaid; a singing blue whale; a dancing crab and a shy clownfish. And kids will love the soothing bubble meditation, helping them wind down their minds and bodies as they drift off to sleep.

  • All Episodes

    Want to enjoy every Bedtime Explorers episode in one handy playlist? Well, you can! Just click play to listen to hours of Bedtime Explorers – non-stop – through the day and night.

  • Little Creatures

    Bedtime Explorers ‘Little Creatures’ invites little explorers to shrink down to visit the magical world of insects and bugs – little creatures with a BIG important place in the world. Just like all little explorers. Kids will love the soothing bee meditation, helping them wind down their minds and bodies as they drift off to sleep. And they will love meeting little creature friends like the worm, a ladybug, the peacock spider, a witchetty grub and so many more!

  • The Language of Feelings

    From the difficult feelings to the positive ones, kids will learn that we feel things in order to help us with something. Helping us – and the people around us – better understand what we really need and want. Daytime Explorers is designed as a resilience toolkit for children. Each episode explores a mindfulness skill or technique to help children feel strong, brave and more resilient as they journey through life.

  • Bedtime-Explorers_Out-of-This-World

    Out Of This World

    The brand new season of Bedtime Explorers is here! Out Of This World invites little explorers on calm, dreamy journeys to visit the moon, the planets and the stars – answering big space questions along the way. Is the Milky Way made of milk? Is there really a man on the moon? And what sort of rings does Saturn wear? And as they float back to Earth they will have a moment to be thankful for all that they love in the world.

  • Bedtime Explorers: Magical Places

    Magical Places

    The original season that began Bedtime Explorers, Magical Places invites children on calming journeys into their imaginations. As they learn to slow down their breathing and let their imaginations float away, they are guided on journeys to visit a beautiful beach, discover a magical island, float in the calming ocean, climb a majestic mountain and more. All before floating gently back down into bed, and to off to sleep.

  • Bedtime Explorers: Animal Magic

    Animal Magic

    In this season, Bedtime Explorers takes kids on imaginative journeys to meet animals with very special powers. Like the strong panther, an effortless monkey, a brave snake, and many more. Along with the animals, little ones start to discover their own inner strengths, while learning simple meditation techniques along the way.

  • Bedtime Explorers: Dinosaur Buddies

    Dinosaur Buddies

    This season of Bedtime Explorers has kids travelling back in time to meet some of their favourite prehistoric creatures. They’ll reach into their resilience backpack to help a Megalodon with a sore tooth, two Triceratops that have their horns stuck in a hug, a Brachiosaurus who can’t play hide and seek – and a whole lot more! Best of all, they’ll learn simple meditation techniques to help get them ready to sleep.

  • Daytime Explorers: Resilience Backpack

    Resilience Backpack

    Who doesn’t need a helping hand to cope with life’s big challenges? The Daytime Explorers ‘Resilience Backpack’ collection is designed to provide children with important resilience tools to help them navigate the highs and lows of their emotions. Each episode focusses on a simple, but powerful, mindfulness technique that the child can practise and store away until they need it. The more tools they have, the more emotionally confident they will be as they adventure through life.